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<p>The second big content update for Wayward Souls has just hit the App Store. That means the price of the Platinum Award-winning roguelike is going to go up any time soon.</p><p>The update adds a new dungeon called Endless Mode. Its floors are randomly selected, its difficulty is set to maximum, and you'll probably call it a jerk after you've played it a couple of times.</p><p>There's also Game Center leaderboards for Endless Mode that show others what character you used, how far you got, and what hat you were wearing. There are new hats too.</p><p>As well as that the game now supports MFi controllers, although Rocketcat is asking for feedback on that feature in particular, so it might still need some tweaking.</p>Import export business<p>There's a save import / export system like the one in Mage Gauntlet as well, but a better system is being worked on for a later update.</p><p>And then there's the usual bug fixes, damage tweaks, special move shuffles, and all the other other behind the scenes stuff that you don't really notice but makes the game better.</p><p>As of writing this sentence Wayward Souls still costs £3.99 / $5.99, but on Monday it'll go up to £4.99 / $6.99.</p><p>If you've yet to experience the cruel wonder of Rocketcat's dungeon crawler, then I urge you to grab it. It's really very good.</p>&#;

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3、The Eagle, the Cat, and the Wild SowA LOVER'S COMPLAINT


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