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<p>Only the dashiest of Duke Dashingtons could have tickled our fancy back in the day, but Adventure Islands has confirmed that they'll be bringing the moustachioed chap back fully remastered.</p><p>Yep, Duke Dashington Remastered has been worked on from the ground up, allegedly giving the game tighter controls, a more polished level design, and newer hand-drawn graphics. Oo er.</p><p>For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, DD is a decent platform puzzler about our aforementioned adventurer, Mr. Dashington, as he dashes through crumbling dungeons to snatch up the treasure inside. If that sounds too easy you've only got ten seconds to complete a room, sunshine, so best lace up your boots properly and get ready to peg it.</p><p>There's no release date just yet but with the last dungeon in development there's no doubt it'll be launching on iOS sometime this year. We'll keep you posted.</p>.

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